What I would like to see in the next Gnome release after Gnome 44.

As an avid Linux user, I am eagerly anticipating the release and availability of Gnome 44 in my distro of choice, the next major update to the popular desktop environment. With each new version, Gnome has been improving on its features and functionality, and 44 seems to be a very good step in the right direction, but still there are several things that I personally would like to see in the next big release, Gnome 45.

Dual pane Nautilus

Firstly, I would love to see dual pane support for Nautilus, the default file manager in Gnome. This feature would allow me to view two folders side by side in the same window, which would be incredibly useful when working with files and moving them between different locations. While some users have been using third-party file managers like Nemo to get this functionality, I would prefer to see it integrated directly into Nautilus… or should I say brought back, as it was there back in the Gnome 2 days.

Useful history in the file chooser window

Another feature that I would find incredibly useful is a proper history of all opened files in the file chooser window as this is something that seems to be completely unreliable in different ways on all distros I tried recently (Ubuntu, Fedora, Zorin OS, Pop_OS!). This would make it much easier for me to find recently used files, especially when working on multiple projects or files. Additionally, the history should include multiple layouts and previews, which would make it easier for me to distinguish between different files more easily.

Full support for fractional scaling

Full fractional scaling support is another feature that I would like to see in Gnome 45. It is said that the situation will be much better in Gnome 44 too, but I’ll believe it, when I see it on my 4K monitor, which I’m still using in 1440p resolution, which results in a bit blurry image quality. I would love to see a more seamless experience in Gnome 45.

Indicator panel for background programs

Another feature that I would love to see in Gnome 45 is a fully working indicator panel for background programs. Currently, Gnome’s indicator panel only displays the system tray icons for certain applications like the clock and the sound settings. However, I would like to see support for other programs like Skype, Viber, Mailspring, Slack, and Discord. These programs can be essential for communication and productivity, and having quick access to them from the indicator panel would be incredibly useful.

Additionally, I would like to be able to manipulate these programs directly from the indicator panel. For example, right-clicking on an icon should give me the option to open or close the program, or to mute notifications from that program temporarily. This functionality would greatly streamline my workflow and make it easier to manage the various programs I use on a daily basis.

Power modes

Finally, I would like to see a selectable power mode from the panel, which stays active even after a restart. This would allow me to quickly switch between power modes such as performance, balanced, and power saver, without having to dig through the settings menu. This feature would be particularly useful for laptop users who need to optimize their battery life.

To summarize…

In conclusion, as a Gnome user, I am excited about the upcoming release of Gnome 45 and the potential for new features and improvements. Dual pane support for Nautilus, a proper history of all opened files in the file chooser window, full fractional scaling support, a fully working indicator panel, and a selectable power mode from the panel are all features that I would personally like to see. Gnome continues to evolve and improve, and I am looking forward to seeing what Gnome 45 has to offer.

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