Creating an installer for Windows from your JAR file to easily distribute your Java project

Your first Java project finally runs from the command line and you want to share it with your friends to show the spectacular progress you made. All you need to do is to create a compressed jar file and send it to them, right? Not quite as in case they have no Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed or have a different version from the one you used, all they will get is a criptic error message.

Keep your Windows PC in tip-top shape with Patch My PC

Outdated software is the single biggest security risk you face every day if you own a Windows PC or laptop. Smart people find vulnerabilities all the time and the software companies are pretty good at fixing these, but you will be safe only if you apply the updates they provide. Windows Update does take care of the operating system and some programs like Google Chrome do update themselves, but what about the rest?