Unofficial FAQ for the Philips SHB3075 Bluetooth Headphones

I hate cables on my desk. I despise them and the only thing I hate about a desktop computer is all the cables sticking out of it. Unfortunately, those cables are required for electricity, the webcam, fast internet, and the huge monitor I'm looking at right now. Getting rid of just one them by using Bluetooth headphones might make the hassle of setting pairing, turning on and off, and charging every day worth the trouble. Especially because I might just be able to use the same headphones on my home desktop, phone, and work laptop.

Time to ditch macOS for Windows 10 with Boot Camp

Though the MacBook Pro hardware is simply put amazing, I could not learn to love macOS in the last 3 months and its quirks started to greatly impede my productivity. By no means am I enamored of Windows, but it fits my usual workflow way better than macOS ever did. I’m a linux fan in my heart, but for work I am often required to use MS Office products so this need for seamless compatibility left only one option.