Prettify Ubuntu 20.04

The Unity desktop was quite a big step forward in usability and design back when it came out (at least in my opinion), but by the end of the decade, the reskinned Gnome 3 environment became quite dated compared to the competitors. There are things in both macOS (window decorations) and Windows 10 that I like way more, but I also want to keep Ubuntu for the speed and stability.

Using your Android phone as a webcam for Ubuntu 20.04 with DroidCam

During the current pandemic, the home office suddenly became the preferred mode of work. This, of course, caused a huge increase in webcam prices and shortages in supply. I ran into the same problem and my laptop camera was no viable alternative either with its subpar quality. Luckily, there is a way to use my better-than-average phone camera for conference calls with the desktop computer running Ubuntu.

Setting up Git for Ubuntu with autocompletion

If you ever used any Linux distribution, you are most likely familiar with the default Bash completion functionality. You start typing a command, hit Tab, and the command gets automatically completed. If there are multiple commands that match what you typed so far, you can hit Tab two times, and Bash displays a list of all possible completions. The same works for variables and filenames, but not for the many commands Git provides.