Weight loss plan for 2021

Today morning I broke a new record when I stepped on the bathroom scale. Unfortunately, this is not an accomplishment to be proud of as my weight ballooned to 108 kg (238 pounds) this winter and I have never been this heavy before. This is pretty far from my ideal weight which should be between 63.3 and 85.6 kgs. Well, it's time to make a plan...

Using Barrier to control multiple computers regardless of operating system

I don't often use multiple monitors at once, but when I do, I'm using multiple computers too. I'm mainly doing this to test websites on multiple operating systems as my desktop machine runs Linux Mint and my work laptop has Windows 10 on it. Of course I could use Virtualbox to run any number of operating systems, but having a separate device makes things a bit more simple for me. What I despise is using the laptop keyboard and the trackpad. Wouldn't it be nice if I could use the desktop keyboard and mouse on the laptop too?

Revive an old laptop with Chrome OS

If you have been using computers for a few decades, there is a good chance that you too have a few old desktop and laptop computers collecting dust in your house. They are too old to use and have little value, so selling them is not a worthwile endevour. You can't even give them to family members as even they find them lacking in power. Have you tried to use a 10 year old laptop with Windows 10? Not fun... Wouldn't it be nice if you could magically make the old hardware more powerful?

What to watch?

Were you ever in a situation with friends or family when you decided to watch a movie together, but kept on arguing on which movie it should be? For me, this is a far too familiar situation that often spoils the mood. I blame the size of my movie backlog solely on this actually. Can't we do this without the arguing? I think we can and I created the perfect tool to help...

Best 80’s cartoon theme covers

Back in 80's things started changing in Hungary and one sure sign was the availability of foreign language TV channels. While I didn't speak any English back then, I was still glued to the screen every Saturday and Sunday morning. I firmly believe it was the golden age of cartoons and count myself lucky to have experienced it.