Unofficial FAQ for the Philips SHB3075 Bluetooth Headphones

I hate cables on my desk. I despise them and the only thing I hate about a desktop computer is all the cables sticking out of it. Unfortunately, those cables are required for electricity, the webcam, fast internet, and the huge monitor I'm looking at right now. Getting rid of just one them by using Bluetooth headphones might make the hassle of setting pairing, turning on and off, and charging every day worth the trouble. Especially because I might just be able to use the same headphones on my home desktop, phone, and work laptop.

Prettify Ubuntu 20.04

The Unity desktop was quite a big step forward in usability and design back when it came out (at least in my opinion), but by the end of the decade, the reskinned Gnome 3 environment became quite dated compared to the competitors. There are things in both macOS (window decorations) and Windows 10 that I like way more, but I also want to keep Ubuntu for the speed and stability.

Using your Android phone as a webcam for Ubuntu 20.04 with DroidCam

During the current pandemic, the home office suddenly became the preferred mode of work. This, of course, caused a huge increase in webcam prices and shortages in supply. I ran into the same problem and my laptop camera was no viable alternative either with its subpar quality. Luckily, there is a way to use my better-than-average phone camera for conference calls with the desktop computer running Ubuntu.

Creating an installer for Windows from your JAR file to easily distribute your Java project

Your first Java project finally runs from the command line and you want to share it with your friends to show the spectacular progress you made. All you need to do is to create a compressed jar file and send it to them, right? Not quite as in case they have no Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed or have a different version from the one you used, all they will get is a criptic error message.