macOS shortcuts cheat sheet for beginners

Imagine my surprise when I realized that I have to re-learn a ton of shortcuts I used constantly in Windows and Linux. Why? Because in macOS going to the start of the line in a text editor is not as simple as pressing the [Home] button…

That was just one example and I got so frustrated that I made a cheat sheet with all the usual shortcuts. Because that is what I do when I’m frustrated 🙂


Cmd + ⇧Ctrl + HomeJump to start of document
Cmd + ⇩Ctrl + EndJump to end of document
Cmd + ⇦HomeJump to start of line
Cmd + ⇨EndJump to end of line
Alt + ⇧Home x2Jump to start of paragraph
Alt + ⇩End x2Jump to end of paragraph
Alt + ⇦Ctrl + ⇦Jump to start of word
Alt + ⇨Ctrl + ⇨Jump to end of word
Ctr + Cmd + qWin + lLock the screen
Cmd + qAlt + F4Close app
Cmd + wCtrl + wClose window or tab
Cmd + nCtrl + nNew
Cmd + tCtrl + tNew tab
Cmd + zCtrl + zUndo
Cmd + y Ctrl + y Redo
Cmd + fCtrl + fFind
Cmd + gF3Find next
Cmd + Shift + gShift + F3Find previous
Cmd + aCtrl + aSelect all

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