Keep your Windows PC in tip-top shape with Patch My PC

Outdated software is the single biggest security risk you face every day if you own a Windows PC or laptop. Smart people find vulnerabilities all the time and the software companies are pretty good at fixing these, but you will be safe only if you apply the updates they provide. Windows Update does take care of the operating system and some programs like Google Chrome do update themselves, but what about the rest?

Thankfully you don’t have to look for updates manually anymore as there are numerous tools that do that for you. Some of them even install these updates automatically saving you a lot of time and energy.

The one I use on my Windows 10 gaming desktop and work laptop is a free app called Patch My Pc. It is an easy to use portable program that contains a list of over 300 common third-party applications that it can install and keep up-to-date with a click of a button. This is also very useful when you have a brand new Windows installation and want to install all your usual programs like Chrome, Viber, TeamViewer, and others. Just download Patch My Pc first, tick all the checkboxes to the programs you need and click the Perform Updates button.

There is only one catch: As this is a portable executable, it doesn’t launch with the system and doesn’t monitor for updates in the background. You have to launch it from time to time yourself.

You can download Patch My Pc

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