Keep your Sublime Text installations synchronized across multiple machines with the Package Syncing extension

If you work using multiple machines, synchronizing your environment can be quite a hassle. While installing and setting up Sublime Text is pretty easy, we can make it even faster the second time around using Package Syncing.

To use this package, first, you have to install Package Control if you didn’t already. This is a built-in extension manager for Sublime Text that makes installing the extensions a breeze.

Open up the command palette by pressing Ctrl+Shift+p on Windows or Cmd+Shift+p on Mac. Start typing “install” and the first result will be “Install Package Control”. Just hit enter and Package Control will be installed in the background.

Now you can use Package Control to install Package Syncing. Launch the command palette again and start typing “install” again. The first result will be: “Package Control: Install Package”. After pressing enter, type “Package Syncing” and press enter on the result line to install the extension.

To configure it launch the command palette, start typing “package syncing” and press enter on the “Package Syncing: Define Sync Folder” result. You can use any cloud service for the synchronization, for this example, we’ll use Dropbox on the Mac. The path I added was:


If you open this directory, you’ll see a few settings file there already.

This completes setting up the synchronization. On your other devices, you’ll have to do the same steps and all other settings and extensions will be synchronized automatically.

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