Hungarian macOS keyboard guide to newbies

Switching to Mac from Windows should have been a joy – and if I used the standard US keyboard layout it probably would have been less of a nightmare. In that case, I only would have had to re-learn about 20 shortcuts to be effective again.

Unfortunately, I’m using the Hungarian layout and as it turns out it is completely different from what I got used to with Windows and Linux. For some reason, all the symbols are on different keys and I needed to compile a cheat sheet just to be able to edit a simple HTML file.


CharacterKey combination
|Alt + í
\Alt + ü
#Alt + Shift + 3
$Alt + Shift + 4
@Alt + q
Ctrl + Alt + e
©Alt + g
&Alt + 1
;Alt + .
*Alt + Shift + ,
<Alt + Shift + y
>Alt + Shift + x
[Alt + 8
]Alt + 9
{Alt + 7
}Alt + ö

Thankfully you are not forced to learn all these if you don’t want to. You can also use a more standard Hungarian layout with a little bit of tinkering, which is very useful if you are using multiple OSes daily like I do.

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