How to fix media keys not working for Spotify in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Spotify is not a terrible service if you disregard the slow and buggy user interface. Using it is way better than hunting for all the music you like to organize them on your computer and as a plus, you can download your playlist for offline play on your mobile phone with the Premium plan.

Using Spotify on Linux is infuriating, however. It’s bad enough that it no longer lists the artists I liked in the Artists menu, but having to hunt for the play/pause button on the Spotify window when there are 10 other windows open on the screen is just unacceptable in light that I have dedicated keys for this purpose on my keyboard.

It was pretty hard to find a working solution, so it is only prudent to record it for future.

First, download Spotify Gnome Integration from github, extract the archive and enter it’s directory. Copy it’s content to where it needs to be with the following command in the terminal:

$ sudo install bin/spotify /usr/local/bin/

You will also need to install python-dbus for this to work, so if you can’t start up Spotify anymore, enter this into the terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install python-dbus

Now the media buttons should work with Spotify.

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