How to fix if Google Meet complains about hardware acceleration not enabled when it actually is…

Despite having a brand new computer, encountering unexpected issues with basic tasks can still happen. This was precisely the case for me when I tried to blur my background on Google Meet. However, Meet refused to cooperate and insisted that I enable hardware acceleration, even though it was already enabled by default.

Just to be sure I checked the usual process to turn on/off hardware acceleration:

  • Launch Chrome, then select “Menu” > “Settings“.
  • Click on the “System” option in the left menu.
  • Toggle “Use hardware acceleration when available” on or off as desired.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, hardware acceleration had already been enabled, prompting me to investigate further. After some searching, I came across a helpful tip to access the following URL and verify if the “Major Performance Caveat” is indicated as “No”:

As it turned out, in my case the there was a “Major Performance Caveat”, so I continued Googling to solve this new issue. The solution is to go into chrome://flags and to enable the “Override software rendering list” and to restart the browser.

This finally worked and now I have full hardware rendering support and a blurred background in Google Meet.

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