Here is how to fix your net on your iOS/Android phone when in rural areas

Last weekend I tried to get some work done while staying in the countryside. I hooked up my laptop to the net using my Android phone as a mobile hotspot and did my thing just like in the office. However, during the breaks when I tried to browse Reddit or do anything net related on my phone, there was seemingly no internet available.

It was extremely strange that the device that provided perfect internet to the laptop didn’t seem to reach the net itself. Thankfully I got a tip from a friend that it might be DNS related. This seemed logial as previously I set the primary DNS server on the laptop to Google’s

To fix the issue, I installed Cloudfare’s app on my phone. Thankfully this install did complete and upon turning the provided VPN on, all my problems disappeared.

Official website | App Store | Google Play

As not only provides better DNS service than what my mobile service provider has in the countryside, but also encrypts my traffic – thus making my browsing safer – I think I’ll keep this app for now.

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