Halfway there, still too far away (Weight loss journey 2021)

Back in February this year, I stepped on the scale and realized that I’m heavier than ever. I decided to make a plan to lose weight and to stick to it. To help with accountability I wrote a blog post to publicly announce this and even posted an update later on. It worked amazingly for two and a half months, but after going down from 108kg to almost 96kg something happened that stopped my progress…

Looking at the chart it is clear that I’m on a weight-loss plateau between 96kg and 98kg ever since the first day of May:

I can easily blame this on tough work situations, family gatherings, or other random stuff, but all things considered, I simply lost the initial motivation and self-discipline when progress started to wane. It first started with just skipping a few of my daily walks, then I felt hungry one evening and that snowballed into not fasting anymore.

Thankfully the situation is not at all dire. I’m still walking daily, though not as much as before, and didn’t fully go back to my default eating habits… hence the plateau between 96 and 98kgs.

I believe that if I go back to what worked in February and March, I will be able to lose the last 11kgs that I planned to get rid of to reach my goal weight of 85kgs.

So my greatly simplified weight loss plan will be:

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Daily walks of at least one hour
  • Maybe a few workouts each week

Wish me luck….

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