Force Janitor to work with your upgraded Kodi installation

Janitor is an addon for Kodi that will automatically scan your library for watched movies, TV show episodes and music videos based on criteria such as age, rating or free disk space. I set it up to delete what we already saw after 2 days except if it is in a protected folder. It is a great tool to free up disk space on your device, but if you upgrade to a version of Kodi that is not supported, it will be disabled and you will have to delete stuff manually again.

Weight loss plan for 2021

Today morning I broke a new record when I stepped on the bathroom scale. Unfortunately, this is not an accomplishment to be proud of as my weight ballooned to 108 kg (238 pounds) this winter and I have never been this heavy before. This is pretty far from my ideal weight which should be between 63.3 and 85.6 kgs. Well, it's time to make a plan...