About Me

Tamás Baka is a Business Analyst, husband and cat owner with a lot of hobbies but little time. These hobbies include reading books, playing computer games and tabletop RPGs, coding websites and doing some martial arts.

He started his career by creating his own CMS from scratch and building literally hundreds of websites with it. Later he turned to the dark side and worked as a Product Owner for 3 years, then switched careers again to become a Business Analyst for almost a full year. After that he did a few years of PM work, but now he is a BA again.

Though not coding professionally anymore, he still likes to make custom solutions for things that bug him. His first big project was Typing-SpeedTest.com, a website that teaches and tests typing skills. His latest project is phpSEL, an ebook manager solution that is intended to be run on your NAS to store and display your ebook collection.