List all enabled products with no images in Magento 2 with this SQL query

Sometimes when you are working on a webstore, your client might ask you totally reasonable questions like how many products have no images uploaded. To answer this question is not so easy when there are 3000+ products in said shop. As the admin interface doesn't provide an easy way to check for thumbnail-less products, I had to turn to some SQL magic to answer the question.

Enabling Numlock and tap to click on the login screen of Zorin OS (and Ubuntu)

I don't have too many pet peeves, but a disabled Numlock is annoying as hell, especially if you type numbers a lot. It is also infuriating if you physically have to click the trackpad instead of just tapping lightly once you got used to this feature in Windows. When I used a Macbook Pro for a few months this has baffled me but I didn't realize you can enable tap to click in system preferences.

Weight loss plan for 2021

Today morning I broke a new record when I stepped on the bathroom scale. Unfortunately, this is not an accomplishment to be proud of as my weight ballooned to 108 kg (238 pounds) this winter and I have never been this heavy before. This is pretty far from my ideal weight which should be between 63.3 and 85.6 kgs. Well, it's time to make a plan...